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Restore Wellness

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A new Healthcare & Wellness facility located in the Kirkwood neighborhood of Atlanta, GA. Opening Spring of 2024.

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Our goal is provide personalized healthcare with extended, non-rushed office visits.  Due to a reduced and limited patient panel, you will have better access to your Doctor via Telehealth, in person visits, text or email to address your needs and concerns.  This means no more having to wait for months on end for an appointment or follow up visit!

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Your overall health and wellness is important to us. This includes feeling and looking your best! That is why we provide additional services to include massage therapy, IV Hydration, Aesthetics and medical assisted weight loss therapy.  These services are available to both Members and Non-Members alike!

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Our monthly membership fee provides you with accessible and affordable healthcare, that is direct and transparent.  No more hidden fees or surprised bills. You will have access to discounted labs, imaging and commonly prescribed prescription medications at wholesale prices. ​**May be able to use your HSA and FSA to pay for memberships​**

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How We Operate

Our goal is to provide affordable, quality care to patients and their families with and without insurance. We utilize Direct Primary Care, a healthcare model that allows you to have transparent, affordable, quality and accessible care with your physician at an affordable monthly rate.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Direct Primary Care?

Direct Primary Care is a healthcare model that allows you to have transparent, affordable, quality and accessible care with your physician at an affordable monthly rate. We do not accept insurance which means less overhead expenses and more savings to you, fewer patients on a panel which means better access for you and more time with your doctor and no surprise bills in the mail which means cost transparency for you!

How Does Direct Primary Care Work?

Direct Primary Care allows patients to have better access to quality care from their physician. By paying a transparent monthly membership fee, patients will receive personalized medical care that includes annual physicals, discounted labs and imaging, disease prevention, acute and chronic disease management, health promotion and better access to their physician. Direct Primary care does not bill insurance, so this cost savings is passed on to the patient. Patients may be able to use their HSA to pay for membership, but you will need to verify with your insurance first. Although we don’t participate in insurance, it is encouraged to have insurance for emergency room visits, specialty visits or hospitalizations.

What Does Restore Wellness and MedSpa Provide?

Restore Wellness and MedSpa offers individualized medical care and accessibility to your family medicine physician at an affordable monthly subscription. Prices for services not covered in your membership will be transparent and upfront. You will not receive surprise bills in the mail from us! Access to care includes in person visits, text messages, tele-medicine, phone calls or email. Unlike traditional insurance-based medicine, your visits will be extended and not rushed. MedSpa services to include aesthetics, massage therapy and IV hydration are not included in the monthly membership.

Where Is Restore Wellness and MedSpa Located?

Restore Wellness and MedSpa is located at Pullman Flats in the Kirkwood Community of Atlanta, Georgia. Our address is 112 Rogers Street NE, Atlanta, GA 30317. Our anticipated opening is scheduled for Spring 2024.


"Dr. Eide demonstrated herself to be a dedicated physician. Her commitment to patient care is enormous and she does not hesitate to go beyond her responsibilities coordinating care for her patients."

– Emory Faculty

"Dr. Eide is very patient. She's Great!"

– Anonymous patient

“Dr. Eide has been my primary care doctor for several years - she is not just another doctor - she is a doctor who listens - who exhibits kindness and caring with professionalism and knowledge and instills a confidence of understanding and concern. She is the image of trust and respect and above all the knowledge that we will receive the excellent care we all want and deserve in our lives as her patient. I am blessed to have her as my physician as she truly stands above and with the doctors who save lives everyday.”

– S.B.

"Dr. Eide was thorough and showed genuine interest and concern for my care. She looked into medication I could take on an ongoing basis, was knowledgeable and great to be serviced by."

– Anonymous patient

"Dr. Eide listens to me and respects my thoughts and concerns."

– Anonymous patient

"Dr. Eide's attentiveness with me expressing myself and problems I'm faced with showed she really cares."

– Anonymous patient