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We operate based on a membership model, but we also provide service to those who are not members. See below for transparent pricing depending on your needs.

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Member Pricing

Accepting pre-enrollment now. Card will not be charged until services are available (anticipated opening Spring 2024). One-time enrollment fee of $99. Note: $250 per household to re-enroll after dropping membership. Membership rates subject to change.


Ages 8-64
Ages 65+*
*Unable to accept Medicare patients at this time, but we'll be able to soon. If interested we will keep you on a waitlist and notify you once we are able to enroll. This only applies to Primary Care Services and NOT aesthetics, IV Hydration or Massage Therapy.


Up to: 2 adults, 2 children in household
Each additional child $70 per month.
Up to: 1 adult, 2 children in household
Each additional child $70 per month.

Non-Member Pricing

  • Initial Office Visit: $275. This can be applied towards your membership if you decide to join that day.
  • Follow Up Office Visit: $175
  • Procedures: $300-$450


If you own a business and want to provide quality Direct Primary Care services to your employees, we offer a discounted rate of $100/month per employee. Contact us for more details.

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